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Founded in 2012, WOWALL is an artist collective; whose founding members are professional artists excel in contemporary photography. WOWALL concept is to introduce original photography artworks at fixed limited editions prints, at an affordable price to a new generation of art and photography lovers and existing collectors around the world.

Since the 1940s, the evolution of colour, materials and processes has driven contemporary photography to new creative possibilities. Moving beyond from documentary realities, development in photography has also focused on the intrinsic qualities of the photographic work itself.  WOWALL brings art lovers and collectors a "dreamland", framed in a contemporary context, and influenced by: discoveries of the beauty of nature, revelation of childhood memories, and inspiration of Chinese architectures and cultures.  The collective's work features global metropolises, such as Tokyo and New York presented from a "dreamland view,” traditional Chinese landscapes with a graphic twist, and black and white horses in serenity.

WOWALL's original photography is offered in prints produced by a top professional printing facility. Using a highly-rated traditional paper output method, WOWALL is dedicated to producing work to the highest quality standards. All WOWALL photography limited edition prints are numbered and documented, and issued with a certificate of authenticity.


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