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What is a limited edition?

A print can be an open edition (an unlimited amount of a particular image) or a limited edition (a limited amount of a particular image). Limited editions are fixed in quantity, meaning it will only produce a certain number.


Will limited edition be sold out?

Yes, limited edition can sell out since there are predefined number of editions available.


If limited editions are sold out, can artists produce more works?

No, once the limited editions are sold out. The artist won’t be able to produce any more.


Where can I find my limited edition number?

Most WOWALL artworks come with its authentication certificate. Your artwork limited edition number will be showing on your certificate. For some of the works, you can also find artist signatures and limited edition numbers on the artwork.


If I buy an edition, do I own the copyright?

No. The copyright is not transferred to the purchaser of the edition.


Who is WOWALL?

WOWALL is an artist collective, founded in 2012; whose founding members are professional artists excel in contemporary photography. WOWALL’s concept is to introduce original photography artworks at fixed limited editions prints, at an affordable price.


Why WOWALL’s photography is cheaper?

Because WOWALL produce original photography artworks at fixed limited editions prints; this allows many more art lovers to collect one single artwork. Compared to one unique artwork, limited editions prints price are much cheaper, yet these works still maintain their high qualities and aesthetic values. 


How Can I preserve WOWALL photography?

WOWALL photography follows Museum quality standards. We suggest collectors to hang the works in a slightly open space in moderate temperature. 

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